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Around 4 main ingredients of our manufacture, we propose to you simple, family, tasty recipe.easy to carry out if you respect the procedures, they will bring success to your talents.first of all, powder of Praslines: with 19% of almonds and 81% of caramelized sugar, it is one of our main aromatic ingredients. This powder with the grain rather fine and voluntarily irregular will replace sugar in our recipe, which makes the major interest of it.pralines crushed is a grain with 33% of almonds, 66% of caramelized sugar, vanilla and gum acacia. It can be used in complement of the powder of Praslines .the pastes praliné almonds and hazelnuts are mainly used in fodder. Cooked with 50% of dry fruits and 50% of caramel, these pralinés are ground on millstones and exhale delicate flavors. The almond taste more delicate than hazelnut can also be mixed with this one.you guess it, while becoming the chief, you also will create recipe which will interest us.
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