Since 110 years

Our house had produced the recipe of Praslines that Leon Mazet, young and talented confectioner found in while arriving at Montargis in the house that it had just purchased. Created in 1636 by Clement Jaluzot, "Officier de Bouche" of the Marshal Duke of Praslin, Praslines crossed the centuries and their receipt remains faithful to the one of the first day. A grilled and caramelized almond, rocky and glaze of a brown caramel. What moreover enticing the morning to feel in our workshops, the caramel emanations mixed with almonds roasting ?

Crunching a Praslines reveals the power of tastes which sublimate the senses. An adventure that some push until warming Praslines before tasting them! This candy of a simplicity is the result of an accomplished work done every day by our confectioners who repeat the gesture learned in the respect from an ancestral tradition. Dried, sorted and packed, our Praslines arrives to you in their pretty decorated tins and raised of gold and major blue, or in their cases printed with the coat of arms of the House.

All these specialities are proposed in separate or assorted packagings ,or more luxurious presentations, into small gifts for all the occasions. They reflect the strong identity of our House asserting the name of "Confectioner de Luxe" devoted by Leon Mazet there is more than one hundred years.

Chocolate assorted: as well the sets of our chocolates refer to our know-how of confectioner with a great range around the "pralinés" which rub shoulders with "Ganaches", caramels, nougats and nougatines, gold cherries and orangettes. The chocolate bars, with the range of confectioner, tradition or fruits will offer you a complete choice adapted to all the tastes. The Chocolate fondues make it possible to pass easily a pure moment of happiness alone or with guests.

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