French Praslines

Praslines: roasted, caramelized almond. This delicacy, invented by the chef and official taster to the Marshal Duke of Praslin, was adored by the court of Louis XIII. The recipe for the preparation of Praslines has been a closely-guarded secret ever since.

«The aroma takes me back to my childhood when we would drive down from Paris and stop off in Montargis to buy Praslines. My grandmother used to put them on 'floating islands'.»

Nadine Garillon Bernardé (president of Dalloyau)

Behind the scenes The Prasline can lay claim to being the oldest candy in France. The recipe has remained unchanged since its conception and, in Montargis, has been handed down to us over the centuries. The master confectioner Léon Mazet decreed the way Praslines should be made ; the secret of thier success lies in their simplicity - roasted, caramelized almonds. If you are lucky enough to be in the workroom of the Mazet factory when they are making Praslines, all your senses will be beguiled. Smell that warm, subtle aroma and gaze on the gorgeous glossy brown caramel. And the taste is incomparable - a sheer delight for the taste buds !

What sort of almonds ? What type of sugar ? How do you roast them and for how long ? The recipe for the Mazet Prasline of Montargis is a closely-guarded secret.

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