Mazet confectioner

Chocolate maker and Confectioner since 1903

Maison Mazet is first a confectionery that Leon Mazet bought in 1903. You will find a range of delicacies and chocolates as well as the famous 'Prasline Mazet de Montargis', delicious and perfectly caramelised almond. The shop is located in Montargis, Place Mirabeau, close to the Church; our workshop is located in the neighbourhood of Montargis. Our confectionery and chocolates are handcrafted with the most respect of the tradition. The Prasline's recipe remains unchanged since its creation in 1636.

Praslines are caramelized almonds. Manufactured to the original recipe, the real Praslines Mazet de Montargis are the ambassadors of our house.


Amanda is an almonds nougat coated in dark chocolate. Nougatine of Amanda is the subtle mixture of toasted almonds and caramel. Rolled in dark chocolate from Guayaquil, the Amanda's strength is in the dark cocoa


Mirabo is a nougat made if finely blended caramelized sugar, splinters of hazelnut and orange peel.It is then rolled in milk chocolate before being given a dusting of fine cocoa.

Passions almonds and hazelnuts

Passions are almonds or hazelnut finely caramelized, dark chocolate covered. Their secret lies in their crunchy praliné under the dark chocolate.

Grêlons and Givrettes

Grêlons and Givrettes are almonds or hazelnuts lightly toasted ans caramelized, covered with milk chocolate. They are then dusted with icing sugar.


Kaloudjas are generous roasted almonds covered with The softness of gianduja highlights the character of the toasted almonds.


Chokothés are small pieces of candied ginger coated of crushed tea in dark chocolate.

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