Mazet confiseur

  • Caramelized almonds, berlingot 0.42 oz

    caramelized almonds, berlingot 0.42 oz

    Caramelized almonds is the french candy, bonbon made in France.

  • Heart box 7.05 oz

    heart box 7.05 oz
    € 20,90 Product details

    Mini Labo created this romantic design with a profusion of heart-shaped flowers like a blossoming love story, to offer to the one you love. The best gift, to offer, for valentine's day ! To discover french chocolate specialties: Passions almond, Givrettes, Amandas

Mazet confiseur

Buy online, french chocolates and roasted caramelized almonds, by the chocolate maker and french confectioner since 1903.

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