Mini bars

Mini bars

5 chocolate bars, m-a-z-e-t

Our collection of 5 mini bars and chocolate squares are the perfect accompaniment to after dinner coffee and will delight hocolate lovers with their subtle flavours. Madagascar 70%: made from trinitario cocoa beans from this beautiful indian ocean island, this dark chocolate is slightly acidic, with underlying tart notes of exotic citrus fruits. Arriba 76%: with forastero beans gathered from the highest plateaus of ecuador, this exceptional chocolate is renowned for its distinctive intensity. Zaïra milk 70%: assembled from a blend of trinitario beans named zaïra, sweetened creamy milk is added to create a nostalgic chocolate full of character, reminiscent of childhood. Ecuador 70%: this distinctive dark chocolate made with trinitario beans has floral notes with a subtle aftertaste of new-mown hay. Tanzania 75%: rich and fruity, this intense dark chocolate is a subtle blend of criollo and forastero beans.
5.29 oz
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    Produced in a factory handling other nuts, sesame, gluten, milk and soya

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