• 1636

    Clement Jaluzot chef of caesar, Duc De Choiseul, Comte De Plessis-praslin, Marshal and peer of France, invented the Prasline: Praslines were born toasting some almonds in sugar melt. A few years later, clement Jaluzot moved to Montargis to sell Praslines.

  • 1893

    Leon Mazet, aged 15, was an apprentice confectioner in bourges with his uncle george Forest.

  • 1901

    Since 1893, leon Mazet has been touring the best houses of France and england. Then he worked aboard a luxurious transatlantic belonging to the Cunard line for 9 months around the world.

  • 1903

    Leon Mazet and his wife Jeanne Vieillard (daughter of the great chocolate maker in clermont-ferrand) settled in Montargis, where they bought the recipe of Prasline held by this store "au Duc de Praslin". Mazet's house was born.

  • 1913

    Opening a shop in Paris 33 rue Vivienne.

  • 1920

    Leon Mazet uses several renowned designers to decorate his shop in harmony with the historic Prasline.

  • 1925

    Leon Mazet thinks big and believes in advertising, he is right because his shop is a must on the famous road 7, and people come from all over France.

  • 1936

    Leon Mazet builds its first factory "the bank mill", which is located on the canal de Briare in Montargis.

  • 1938

    Leon Mazet created Amanda, it is a real success, reputation and quality of confectionery of Mazet makes it famous worldwide.

  • 1962

    Leon Mazet is 84 years old, his family and friends suggested him to rest, but he has no desire. His son-in-law Guy and his daughter Jacqueline Digeon help him for 15 years.

  • 1979

    Fire at "the bank mill" from the factory Mazet, Guy Digeon decides with the help of his son Benoit to build another larger factory in the suburbs of Montargis.

  • 1987

    Benoit Digeon manages Mazet, he inaugurated a new shop in the prestigious avenue Montaigne. The success is there, many Parisians, japanese and americans are seduced by Mazet.

  • 1992

    Transferring of the shop in avenue Victor Hugo (closed may 2010).

  • 2003

    Mazet's house celebrates its 100th anniversary.

  • 2012

    Opening a new shop in the 4th arrondissement of Paris.

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