Mazet confiseur

Chocolate maker and confectioner since 1903

Luxury confectioner and french chocolate maker for three generations, is the official creator of true Prasline.
Prasline, caramelized almond: french recipe from 1636 !
Discover its expertise through its specialties and chocolates range.

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Praslines, chocolate, candy...

Open every day of the year, visit our Paris boutique in the heart of the marais and our original boutique in the historical left of Montargis.

The living, beating heart of Mazet, our home, is located on mirabeau square, Montargis. This is where our new specialty creations are developed and produced every year to mark the holidays, valentine's day, easter and christmas in particular. For us, at Mazet, bringing a smile to your face is what matters most.

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Praslines   the french candy

Caramelized almonds, made in France

Since 1636, the Prasline has been at the heart of our confectionary business bought by Léon Mazet in 1903. Presented in beautiful tins and in carton boxes bearing an illustration of our historical boutique in Montargis, our Praslines await you from the moment you set foot either in our Montargis boutique or in our Parisian one!

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Mazet cooking

Chocolate fondues, almonds powder, praliné...

The Mazet cuisine range brings you a delicious collection based on our Prasline. Our famous chocolate fondues will inspire you to create delicious home-made desserts. Don't hesitate to enrich our website by sharing your best recipes.

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The History of Praslines

By Mazet, from 1636

The recipe of the genuine Praslines have never been altered. These grilled and caramelized almonds are still famous. The recent opening in Paris of the new outlet Maison de la Prasline Mazet, is a reflect of the original based in Montargis. The japanese architect, jun yonekawa is the creator of this replica. Léon Mazet's family is still in charge of this house he bought 110 years ago, and maintain the tradition.

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Mazet confiseur

Buy online, french chocolates and roasted caramelized almonds, by the chocolate maker and french confectioner since 1903.

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